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Australian Cattle Dog



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Breeding station Jašibo-ken

Australian Cattle Dog

Our Breeding Station

Jašibo-ken is a breeding station located in Kálnica, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Slovakia.

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About Australian Cattle Dog Breed

Australian Cattle Dog is a breed originally developed in Australia, since the beginning of the last century, by crossing herding dogs of English origin (Collies, Old English sheepdogs etc. and later maybe also Dalmatian Dog and Bull Terriers) with Dingoes. The goal was to create a remarkably durable and hardy cattle dog, able to work hard even in the harsh conditions of the Australian countryside.


  • Extremely mobile, persistent and energic dog that knows no fatigue
  • Enthusiastic and reliable worker
  • Learns quickly and willingly everything new
  • Towards strangers very suspicious, great guardian


Bred in Australia and still used to herd flocks of sheep and cattle even over long distances. Nowadays it is increasingly used in the most diverse dog sports, for which it's extremely disposed. This dog doesn’t tolerate inaction, it must be constantly employed. It fits more into a countryside than into a city.



Australian Cattle Dog was formerly used for herding cattles on the long journeys to the markets. This dog "nipped" cattle in the legs and in this way changed their direction. It has a slightly coarse resistant top coat with a short dense undercoat, so it is perfectly protected against inclement weather. Australian Cattle Dog is a very robust and hardy breed that holds the record for longevity, some individuals lived to be 29 years old. This balanced, alert and active breed barks very little. Education is fairly easy, it learns and works willingly. Coexistence with dogs, children and other animals is not a problem. Australian Cattle Dog needs, in addition to sufficient movement, a lot of employment to maintain it’s good physical and mental condition.

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